My Time in the War: An Irishwoman's Diary

TitleMy Time in the War: An Irishwoman's Diary
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsLambkin, Romie
Number of Pages192
PublisherWolfhound Press

From Belfast to Berlin, this captivating diary traces one Dublin woman's vivid depiction of her life as a soldier. The immediacy and adventure of army life, the excitement of wartime Europe, poignant letters from soldier boyfriends who would never return from battle; amidst all of this, the fun and friendship of Romie and her companions—a happy-go-lucky gang of young women embarking upon life in a man's world. Army dances packed with eager GIs; war-weary colonels and majors who softened to chat with the young Irishwoman driving them across battle-scarred Europe; "displaced persons" and concentration camp victims trekking for hundreds of miles to find their former homes. Romie Lambkin's compelling diary tells a singular story.

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