How I Won the War for the Allies: One Sassy Canadian Soldier's Story

TitleHow I Won the War for the Allies: One Sassy Canadian Soldier's Story
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsGregory, Doris
Number of Pages240
PublisherRonsdale Press
CityVancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The author, the Candian Doris Gregory (1921-2021)¬† takes the reader back over seventy years to when she joined the Canadian Women's Army Corps during World War II. Her memoir allows us to travel with her across the Atlantic at the height of the U-boat infestation and to take refuge in underground shelters while bombs fall on London. Unlike most memoirs of the war that focus on battles, Gregory shows the everyday mundane activities of office life, working under some less-than-brilliant supervisors. Gregory transforms what could have been a dull soldier's life into one of small adventures: cycling along traffic- free roads through southern England, the midlands and Scottish lowlands, hopping on the ferry to Ulster, slipping into neutral, forbidden √Čire, and looking into the gun barrel of an angry German sentry. Although at times the war weighs heavily upon her, the author's optimism, enthusiasm and sense of humor permeate this memoir, full of laughter and surprises.

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