Solomon Kane

TitleSolomon Kane
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBassett, Michael J.
Running Time104 min
Date Released08/2012
DistributorMetropolitan Filmexport
CountryFrance; Czech Republic; United Kingdom
Publication Languageeng

Captain Solomon Kane is a brutally efficient 16th century English privateer. When Kane decides to attack a mysterious nearby castle to plunder its rumored riches, his men are picked off by demonic creatures until he alone is left to face the Devil's own Reaper, dispatched from the depths of Hell to lay claim to his hopelessly corrupt soul. Though Kane manages to escape, he knows that he now must redeem himself by renouncing violence and devoting himself wholly to a life of peace and purity.


James Purefoy, Max von Sydow, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Pete Postlethwaite.


Radius TWC, Essential Entertainment, Samuel Hadida and Wandering Star present  Wandering Star Pictures; Davis Films Productions; Cap Films; created by Robert E. Howard; produced by Samuel Hadida and Paul Berrow; written and directed by Michael J. Bassett. Music: Klaus Badelt; editor: Andrew Macritchie; director of photography: Dan Laustsen.


Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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