A Jester's Tale

TitleA Jester's Tale
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1964
AuthorsZeman, Karel
Running Time81 minutes
Date Released1964
Publication Languageczech

In this satirical black comedy about the Thirty Years War, director Karel Zeman combines live-action and animation to explore the futility and illogical nature of war. A peasant, a mercenary, and a jester survive endless battles and imprisonment. They fight on the Protestant and the Catholic sides depending on circumstance and chance, represented by an animated God who changes the course of the war through change to the winds.


Petr Kostka

Miloslav Holub

Emília Vášáryová


Produced by Josef Ouzky

Directed by Karel Zeman

Written by Karel Zeman and Pavel Jurácek

Cinematography by Václav Hunka

Edited by Miroslav Hájek

Music by Jan Novák

Animation by Arnost Kupcík and Frantisek Krcmár


Comedy, War

Original PublicationBláznova kronika
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Inspired by the 17th-century engraving of Swiss artist Matthäus Merian

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