Uncle Kruger

TitleUncle Kruger
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1941
AuthorsSteinhoff, Hans
Running Time124 minutes
Date Released04/1941
Publication Languagegerman

Supported by Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, Uncle Kruger uses the Boer War to demonize the British. It draws parallel to the Boer politician Paul Kruger and Adolph Hitler and the Boer War and World War II. The film's focus on Britain's blind pursuit of gold, barbaric colonial practices, and violent war strategies, including the burning of whole villages, mass executions, and concentration camps, argued that the island nation was an enemy to civilization. 


Emil Jannings

Ferdinand Marian

Hedwig Wangel

Alfred Bernau

Gustaf Gründgens


Produced by Emil Jannings

Directed by Hans Steinhoff

Written by Harald Bratt and Kurt Heuser

Cinematography by Fritz Arno Wagner

Edited by Martha Dübber and Hans Heinrich

Music by Theo Mackeben


Biography, War

Original PublicationOhm Krüger
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First film to be awarded "Film of the Nation" by Nazi Germany. 

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