How a British Bulldog Saved the Union Jack

TitleHow a British Bulldog Saved the Union Jack
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1906
Running Time9 min
Date Released1906///
Publication Languageeng

A fictional drama from the Zulu Wars.A British sentry guards a British camp. A Zulu crouches on all fours and approaches the sentry, who spots him and shoots. The Zulu dramatically falls to the floor. The sentry kicks him to see if he is alive and after the Zulu speaks, the sentry walks to his tent and gets him some water. The Zulu drinks the water and immediately springs to life, shooting the sentry in the back. A group of Zulus immediately appear with their spears and take down the Union Jack. A British cavalryman, who had earlier visited the camp, reappears and after checking the sentry, rides off on his white horse.
In the next scene the Zulus run towards the camera, chased by the cavalryman. The British soldier manages to reclaim the Union Jack, but is then ambushed by the Zulus. He attempts to fight them off with a stick as his horse falls to the ground. Having bandaged his head, he then checks his horse and removes his bandage in order to tie it around his horse┬┐s leg. Two Zulus get up from the ground and hold down the cavalryman. They reclaim the Union Jack and ride off on his horse.
The next scene depicts the Zulu camp. The Chief is presented with the Union Jack and the cavalryman is tied up in front of him. The British man is whipped, and the Chief taunts him by reviling the flag. As he sets fire to it, the bulldog, briefly seen earlier at the outpost, seizes the flag and frightens the Zulus away. The soldier is then able to free himself, although he pretends to be tied up when the Zulu reappears. The British soldier kills his oppressor and picks up the flag, kisses it and waves it at the camera. The dog reappears on screen, attacking the dead Zulu. The final tableau presents the cavalryman and the white bulldog sitting alongside each other in front of the Union Jack.


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