Ich war ein Blitzmädel: Frauenkameradschaft in der Wehrmacht

TitleIch war ein Blitzmädel: Frauenkameradschaft in der Wehrmacht
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKerer, Hilde
Number of Pages185

Born in Italian South Tyrol, Italy, Hilde Kerer emigrated to Germany in 1940 to become  a so-called Blitzmädel, a news assistant for the Wehrmacht. From 1943 onwards, she found herself in the middle of the war, first in Russia and then in France, where she survived a bombing that cost the lives of two of her colleagues after the invasion of the allied forces. Female comradeship was a protected environment for Kerer, where she was able to ignore the horrors of the war and the German occupation. Between 1942 and 1944, she confided what she experienced to her diary and decades later to the journalist Thomas Hanifle, who incorporated her memories into this book.

Translated TitleI Was a Blitz Girl : Female Camaraderie in the Wehrmacht
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