Reminiscences of Ruth Cheney Streeter, Colonel-USMCR (Ret.)

TitleReminiscences of Ruth Cheney Streeter, Colonel-USMCR (Ret.)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsStreeter, Ruth, and John T. Mason
Number of Pages366
PublisherArchival Material transcript, Columbia University Library
CityMorristown, N.J.

Oral history interview by John T. Mason with Ruth Cheney Streeter (1895-1990), the first director of the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve and the first woman to attain the rank of major in the US Marine Corps. During Streeter's tenure, the Women's Reserve grew to a size of 831 officers and 17,714 enlisted. The interview covers her family background, schooling, work for the U.S. military and her postwar experiences.

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