A Mulher Moçambicana na Luta de Libertação Nacional

TitleA Mulher Moçambicana na Luta de Libertação Nacional
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsZimba, Benigna de Jesus L., and Organização da Mulher Moçambicana
PublisherCentro de Pesquisa da História da Luta de Libertação Nacional

Personal accounts of Mozambican women involved in the national liberation movement against Portuguese colonialism, particularly those who served in the Women's Detachment (DF) of the Mozambican Liberation Front (FRELIMO). The work is celebratory, and describes women's memories of war, their accounts of the embryonic stages of the Mozambican Women's Organisation, and their involvement in the development in Mozambique after independence.

Translated TitleThe Mozambican Women in the National Liberation Struggle
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