Across the Pacific

TitleAcross the Pacific
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1942
AuthorsHuston, John, and Vincent Sherman
Running Time1h 37min
Date Released09/04/1942
DistributorWarner Bros.
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish

Across the Pacific is a 1942 American spy film set on the eve of the entry of the United States into World War II. The film was directed first by John Huston, then by Vincent Sherman after Huston joined the United States Army Signal Corps. When disgraced American military officer Rick Leland (Humphrey Bogart) boards a Japanese ship, he is apparently willing to turn his back on his country to become a mercenary. On the vessel, Leland meets a mysterious professor named Dr. Lorenz (Sydney Greenstreet) and the beautiful Alberta Marlow (Mary Astor). Soon Lorenz shows an interest in Leland and recruits him for a dangerous mission. As Lorenz pulls Leland into a web of international espionage, the true motives of each man remain unclear. Despite the title, the action never progresses across the Pacific, concluding in Panama. The original script portrayed an attempt to avert a Japanese plan to invade Pearl Harbor. When the real-life attack on Pearl Harbor occurred, production was shut down for three months, resuming on March 2, 1942, with a revised script changing the target to Panama.

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