The Gallant Hours

TitleThe Gallant Hours
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1960
AuthorsMontgomery, Robert
Running Time1h 55min
Date Released06/22/1960
DistributorUnited Artists
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish

This docudrama focuses on the role of Vice Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey, Jr. (1882–1959) and his efforts in fighting against Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto (1884–1943) and the Imperial Japanese Navy in the Guadalcanal campaign of World War II. The film depicts the crucial five-week period in October–November 1942 after Admiral Halsey (James Cagney) took command of the beleaguered American forces in the South Pacific Area, a period of combat which became a turning point in the struggle against Japan during the World War II. Unusual for a war film, The Gallant Hours has no battle scenes. All the fighting takes place off-screen, and there is an emphasis throughout the film on logistics and strategy rather than the tactics and combat. Fundamentally, the film becomes a battle of wills and wits between the dogged Halsey and his brilliant Japanese counterpart, Admiral Yamamoto (James T. Goto).

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