The Green Berets

TitleThe Green Berets
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1968
AuthorsWayne, John, and Ray Kellogg
Running Time2h 22min
Date Released06/19/1968
DistributorWarner Bros.-Seven Arts
CountryUnited States
Publication LanguageEnglish, Vietnamese

U.S. Special Forces troops ("Green Berets") under the command of Colonel Mike Kirby  (John Wayne) defend a firebase during the Vietnam War. War correspondent George Beckwith (Davis Janssen), who objects to both the war and the means by which it is executed, accompanies Kirby, who had invited him  to experience the war for himself. Kirby's firebase is overrun and his troops fight bravely to retake it. Kirby and a select group of his men are then ordered on a special mission to capture a high-level Viet Cong officer. The Green Berets is best known for its pro-Vietnam War stance at the height of anti-war sentiment in the United States during the Vietnam War era. John Wayne's status as an anti-communist Hollywood star secured access to President Lyndon B. Johnson's adminstration and the Pentagon, resulting in a government-approved script to justify the War in Vietnam. Although large action set pieces occur, the film's focus on the humanity and friendliness of the Green Berets sharply contrasts with the North Vietnamese and hides the culpability of American soldiers in committing war crimes. 

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