Intimate and Sexual Relations

TitleIntimate and Sexual Relations
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsWarring, Anette
EditorGildea, Robert Warring, and Olivier Wieviorka
Book TitleSurviving Hitler and Mussolini: Daily Life in Occupied Europe
CityOxford, UK; New York

This book chapter in the edited volume Surviving Hitler and Mussolini: Daily Life in Occupied Europe examines "Intimate and Sexual Relations" under the conditions of occupation, which radically changed the relationship between men and women. With hundreds of thousands of men absent, as soldiers, partisans, POWs, forced laborer etc., women assumed in the occupied territories new roles as heads of the households and breadwinners of the family, running farms, shops and workshops. They often enjoyed greater sexual freedom and more space of action without patriarchal control, but also were threatened by the gendered violence of the administration of the Nazis and the occuping troops. The chapter is part of a volume that studies the question how far everyday life was possible in a situation of total war and brutal occupation.

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