Mémoires de guerre du Var

TitleMémoires de guerre du Var
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2014
Place PublishedArchives of Var

"War Memories of the Var." This rich and diverse collection contains digitized archives documenting World War I in the department of the Var in France. Sources include postcards, oral history interviews, maps, propaganda posters, and photographs of artifacts.

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In the framework of the organization of commemorations of the centenary of the First World War, the Departmental Archives of the Var conceived of the site "War Memories of the Var" in partnership with the Museum of Art and Folk Traditions of Draguignan with the aim of putting online digitized public archives of the Var but also the entirety of private documents that were conserved, acquired, or digitized by the Archives of the Var in the framework of the Great Collection (gathering of privately-held French archives related to World War I). These documents, especially war notebooks written by soldiers from the Var, present an historical interest of the first order for the understanding of this period.

Outside of this database of documents, the site offers four other databases:

-The collection "Objects" comprises the entirety of photographs of objects concerning the Great War held at the Museum of Arts and Folk Traditions.

-The collection "Sites of memory" allows one to visualize photographs of different memory sites of 1914-1918 in the Var, such as commemorative plaques or monuments to the dead. These sites are, moreover, geolocalized.

-The collection "Testimonies" allows listening to oral testimony of people implicated directly or indirectly in this conflict.

-The collection "Bibliography" makes publicly available the titles of works related to the First World War held at the Departmental Archives of the Var.

The site "War Memories of the Var" has received the label "Centennaire" given by the Mission of the Centenary for innovative projects. This label allows it to feature in the official program of commemorations of the Great War and therefore to benefit from an international audience.

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