1939-1945, combats de femmes, Françaises et Allemandes, les oubliées de la guerre

Title1939-1945, combats de femmes, Françaises et Allemandes, les oubliées de la guerre
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsMorin-Rotureau, Évelyne
Number of Pages239

An examination of life on the homefront, in combat, and changing cultural depictions of women, for women in France and Germany during World War II. Several of the contributors lived through this period.

Short Title1939-1945: combats de femmes
Translated Title1939-1945, French and German women's forgotten combat
Reprint Edition2008
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Books concerning the Second World War are almost always conjugated in the masculine. However, remembering women in historical context allows us to see the stakes of this war in a new light. Anonymous mothers, become head of the family overnight after the departure of a million and a half men, had to face up to daily life, between restrictions and ration lines. Other women engaged actively in the Resistance, such as Hélène Viannay, cofounder of the very subversive newspaper Défense de la France. This engagement would send 10,000 of them to the camp of Ravensbrück. In the cinema, very popular during the Occupation, directors such as Jean Grémillon in Le Ciel est à vous transformed the traditional image of women. The authors of this work, some of whom are eyewitnesses of this period, enlighten us on the actions of women during the Second World War.

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