La liberté souffre violence

TitleLa liberté souffre violence
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsMiribel, Elisabeth de
Number of Pages259

This book tells the story of Élisabeth de Miribel who volunteered to help the French Foreign Ministry with its ”economic war” at the beginning of World War II and was sent to London. After the French armistice with Germany, she decided not to return to France. In London, she was asked to type Charles de Gaulle’s celebrated June 18, 1940 speech asking the French people to resist, and subsequently became his personal secretary. In 1942, she was sent to Quebec to rally Canadians to the French cause and raise funds. Then she became a war correspondent, covering the actions in Italy and then Algeria. This is the fascinating story of one woman's path from the effervescence of London to the solitude of the Carmel, as well as the secrets of her spiritual life, all set in a truly historic period. This is an enlightening tale of faith made of strong character and a warm heart, told in simple terms. 

Translated TitleLiberty Suffers Violence
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