Ravensbrück: An Eyewitness Account of a Women's Concentration Camp

TitleRavensbrück: An Eyewitness Account of a Women's Concentration Camp
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsTillion, Germaine
Number of Pages256
CityGarden City, NY

Germaine Tillion (1907-2008) was a member of the French resistance. On 21 October 1943 Tillion was sent to the German women's concentration camp Ravensbrück with her mother, Émilie Tillion, also a resistante. Her mother was killed in the camp in March 1945. Tillion escaped Ravensbrück in the spring of that year in a rescue operation of the Swedish Red Cross. In 1973, she published Ravensbrück, the French edition of this book, detailing both her own personal experiences as an inmate as well as her remarkable contemporary and post-war research into the functioning of the camps, movements of prisoners, administrative operations and covert and overt crimes committed by the SS.

Original PublicationRavensbrück (Paris: Ed. du Seuil, 1973)
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