Le Combat dans l'île

TitleLe Combat dans l'île
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1962
AuthorsCavalier, Alain
Series DirectorRibowski, Nicolas, and Philippe Colin
Running Time104 minutes
Date ReleasedSeptember 7 1962
DistributorCompagnie française de distribution cinématographique
MediumBlack and white film
Publication Languageeng

This French New Wave drama reveals the political instability that engulfed France during the Algerian War of Independence. A son of an industrialist joins a right-wing, nationalist terrorist organization (loosely resembling the OAS) but is soon betrayed when he attempts to assassinate a communist politician. The failed assassination forces him and his wife to flee Paris to hide-out with his pacifist childhood friend. His wife and friend fall in love when he leaves to avenge his betrayal.  



Romy Schneider

Jean-Louis Trintignant

Henri Serre

Pierre Asso

Jean Topart


Director: Alain Cavalier, assisted by Nicolas Ribowski and Philippe Collin

Screenplay: Alain Cavalier and Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Music: Serge Nigg

Camera: Pierre Lhomme

Set design: Bernard Evein

Sound: André Hervée

Editing: Pierre Gillette


Drama, Romance

Translated TitleFighting on the Island
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