We the Living

TitleWe the Living
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1942
AuthorsAlessandrini, Goffredo
Running Time94 min
Date Released10/1942
DistributorScalera Film, S.P.A.
Publication Languageeng

A story of doomed love within a corrupt political world, based on the semi-autobiographical debut novel of the same title by Ayn Rand (produced, however, without securing the rights from her). At 18, the beautiful and smart Kira comes to Petersburg as the Bolsheviks consolidate power. She rebuffs a cousin who rises in the Party and may remember the slight. She falls in love with Leo, the son of an aristocrat, who gets into political trouble and never gets out. Meanwhile, a Party leader, Andrei, also loves her, and she feigns love for him to get political protection for Leo and money to pay for his tuberculosis treatment. But can Leo forgive her being Andrei's mistress? Subplots dramatize Party corruption, the disillusion of those who fought hardest in the revolution, and reflections on man's individual nature.


Alida Valli: Kira Argounova; Rossano Brazzi: Leo Kovalensky; Fosco Giachetti: Andrei Taganov; Giovanni Grasso: Tishenko; Emilio Cigoli: Pavel Syerov; Cesarina Gheraldi: Comrade Sonia; Ario Piso: Victor Dunaev; Guguelmo Sinaz: Morozov; Gero Zambuto: Alexei Argounov; Annibale Betrone: Vassili Dunaev; Elvira Betrone: Maria Petrovna Dunaev; Sylvia Manto: Marisha; Claudia Marti: Lydia Argounova; Evelina Paoli: Galina Petrovna Argounova; Gina Sammarco: Tonia; Lamberto Picasso: GPU Captain; Sennucoio Belenu: Sasha; Gioia Collei: Ada Dunaev.


Romance, historical drama

Original PublicationNoi vivi and Addio Kira
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We the Living (originally released in 1942 as two films, Noi vivi and Addio Kira) is a film adaptation of Ayn Rand's novel We the Living. Banned upon its debut in Fascist Italy, it was rereleased in the US in 1986.

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