Raba lyubvi / A Slave of Love

TitleRaba lyubvi / A Slave of Love
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsMikhalkov, Nikita
Running Time94 min
Date Released09/27/1976
CountrySoviet Union
Publication LanguageRussian

Loosely based on the life of Russian silent screen star Vera Kholodnaya (1893-1919), this film explores a woman's political awakening during the Russian Civil War. After the Bolsheviks take Moscow, a film crew moves to Odessa to continue work. Olga Voznesenskaya, the film's star, falls for the cameraman, a revolutionary who secretly filming White Army atrocities. After his death, Olga commits to publicizing her lover's work and exposing crimes against the Bolsheviks. 

Original PublicationРаба любви
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