Je Vous ai Compris: De Gaulle 1958-1962

TitleJe Vous ai Compris: De Gaulle 1958-1962
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMoati, Serge
Running Time95 minutes
Date Released11/2010
MediumColor with black and white sequences
Publication LanguageFrench

This well-researched documentary dramatizes Charles de Gaulle's changing positions regarding the Algerian War. Recently elected as president of the new Fifth Republic of France in 1958, de Gaulle issues his support to nationals and partisans in French Algeria. Four years later, he shifts to supporting Algerian independence.


Patrick Chesnais

Hubert Saint-Macary

Mathias Mlekuz

Pierre-Alain Chapuis

Jacques Brunet

Jean-Philippe Puymartin


Produced by Nicole Collet and Amélie Juan

Directed by Serge Moati

Written by Hugues Nancy, Christophe Barbier, and Serge Moati

Cinematography by Thierry Jault

Edited by Julien Johan


Biography, Documentary

Translated TitleI Have Understood You: De Gaulle 1958-1962
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