Mother Courage and her Children

TitleMother Courage and her Children
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1961
AuthorsPalitzsch, Peter, and Manfred Wekwerth
Running Time149 min.
Date Released1961
DistributorProgress Film-Verleih
Publication LanguageGerman

Based on the epic play by Bertolt Brecht, widely regarded as one of the best of the 20th century, this filmed stage production provides an allegorical tale of the price of war. Set during the Seven Years War, it follows a Swedish mother who slowly loses her children to the war she profits from as a sutler. Brecht's play was a commentary on the rise of fascism in Germany. 


Helene Weigel

Ekkehard Schall

Heinz Schubert

Angelika Hurwicz

Willi Schwabe

Gerhard Bienert 


Produced by DEFA

Directed and Written by Manfred Wekwerth and Peter Palitzsch

Cinematography by Harry Bremer

Edited by Ella Ensink

Music by Paul Dessau



Original PublicationMutter Courage und ihre Kinder
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