The Charge of the Light Brigade

TitleThe Charge of the Light Brigade
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1968
AuthorsRichardson, Tony
Running Time139 min
Date Released10/1968
DistributorUnited Artists Corporation
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication LanguageEnglish

Director Tony Richardson used one of the biggest blunders in British military history to offer commentary on the ongoing Vietnam War. During the Crimean War, outdated military systems, filled with bureaucracy and aristocracy and embodied through Lord Cardigan and Lord Raglan, clash with those of Captain Louis Nolan whose gained experience and his position through the British East India Company's conquest of the subcontinent. Their campaign is beset by strategic losses, cholera, and disagreements. At the Battle of Balaclava, poor communication about Russian forces leads to heavy personnel losses but a strategic win when Raglan orders the charge of the Light Brigades.


Trevor Howard

John Gielgud

Vanessa Redgrave

Harry Andrews

Jill Bennett

David Hemmings

Alan Dobie

Norman Rossington


Produced by Neil Hartley

Directed by Tony Richardson

Written by Charles Wood and John Osborne

Cinematography by David Watkin

Edited by Kevin Brownlow and Hugh Raggett

Music by John Addison



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