Ever Yours, Florence Nightingale: Selected Letters

TitleEver Yours, Florence Nightingale: Selected Letters
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsNightingale, Florence, Martha Vicinus, and Bea Nergaard
Number of Pages461
PublisherHarvard University Press

For many, Florence Nightingale is the most famous woman of her day, second only perhaps to Queen Victoria. Celebrated and beloved by the public and her friends, considered an irritant by politicians and bureaucrats, the great reformer remains a figure of considerable controversy. In this full 'life in letters' we see her at first hand. The editors weave together a narrative account and a selection of her letters in such a way as to create--in Nightingale's own words--a fascinating portrayal of the woman, her career, and her concerns. The letters trace, among other topics, Florence Nightingale's work on behalf of British soldiers, hospital reform, and professional nursing, and share her views on the role of women.

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