Un Héros Très Discret / A Self-Made Hero

TitleUn Héros Très Discret / A Self-Made Hero
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsAudiard, Jacques
Running Time101 min
Date Released05/15/1996
DistributorAlicéléo; Cofimage 7; Lumière
Publication LanguageFrench

Since he was young, salesman Albert Dehousse wanted to be a hero. Following the liberation of France after the Second World War, Albert leaves his home and wife and sets out for Paris where he befriends a young Captain, Jean Dionnet, and makes the acquaintance of Monsieur Jo, a collaborator turned Resistance fighter. Albert, already a bit of a fibber, begins his life anew with a fully fabricated identity of a daring Resistance hero, based on library research and the war yarns of Monsieur Jo. But his performance so captivates the French upper crust that he's soon way over his head - and holding a key ambassadorial position. A gently comic take on the human need to reinvent oneself, with the lightest satirical touch.

Original PublicationUn Héros Très Discret
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