Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1946
AuthorsCalef, Henri
Running Time1h 30min
Date Released03/13/1946
Publication LanguageFrench

A film about the resistance during World War II, Jericho highlights a Royal Air Force and French Resistance operation to free hostages held by German soldiers near Amiens. In February 1944, the Germans still occupy the town of Amiens in northern France. The tide of the war is rapidly turning but the town's inhabitants continue to live in fear. To dissuade the Resistance from blowing up a vital train loaded with fuel, the Nazis order the town's administrators to draw up a list of fifty people who will be taken hostage and shot in the event of the attack happening. Undeterred by the threat of the executions, the Resistance attacks the train as planned and the hostages are duly taken away to a church, to face a firing squad the following morning. Meanwhile, across the channel in England, the Royal Air Force is preparing to launch a precision strike on the prison with the aim of galvanising support in France for the impending Allied invasion.

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