Pierre Brossolette

TitlePierre Brossolette
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSerreau, Coline
Running Time90 minutes
DistributorFrance 3 (FR 3)
Publication LanguageFrench

By examining the life of Pierre Brossolette, this film explores the dense networks of resistance in France during World War II. Through his contacts as a journalist and politician, Brossolette worked within the Resistance and Free France to combat Nazi occupation.


Julien Baumgartner

Léa Drucker

Charles Petit

François Feroleto

Eric Naggar

Victor Quilichini

Bernard Alane

Coraly Zahonero

Frédéric Sauzay 


Produced by Simone Halberstadt Harari

Directed by Coline Serreau

Written by Didier Decoin, Patrice Duhamel, and Samuel Tasinaje

Cinematography by Patrick Ghiringhelli

Edited by Amélie Massoutier

Music by Bruno Coulais


Biography, Drama

Alternate TitlePierre Brossolette ou les passagers de la lune
Translated TitlePierre Brossolette or the Passengers of the Moon
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