Le Repas des Fauves (The Feast of Wild Beasts)

TitleLe Repas des Fauves (The Feast of Wild Beasts)
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1964
Running Time97 minutes
Mediumblack and white
Publication LanguageFrench

Friendships unravel in a small French town in World War II. After an attack kills two people outside a restaurant, the head of the Gestapo orders those there that they must choose who will be executed if the guilty party is not found. Friends gathered to celebrate a birthday turn on each other, revealing a lack of loyalty and an abundance of cowardice.


France Anglade

Francis Blanche

Boy Gobert


Producer: Jacques Bar

Directed by: Christian-Jaque

Screenplay: Christian-Jaque, Henri Jeanson, and Claude Marcy

Music: GĂ©rard Calvi

Photography: Pierre Petit

Editing: Jacques Desagneaux

Art Direction: Jean d'Eaubonne

Decoration: Maurice Petri


Drama, Black Comedy

Translated TitleThe Feast of Wild Beasts
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