Between Love and Duty

TitleBetween Love and Duty
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1960
AuthorsAutant-Lara, Claude
Running Time96 minutes
Mediumblack and white
Publication LanguageFrench

Herta von Stauffen, a woman soldier in the German Army during World War II, goes to Brittany, France, to spend Christmas eve with her husband, a captain, but since he is away on duty, Herta must lodge with a widow. Bit by bit, Herta becomes smitten with the son of the widow, a French paratrooper, who has just been sent from London to guide a Royal Air Force raid. Herta has the opportunity to denounce him but does not. And the paratrooper succumbs to passion and neglects his mission. It is the widow, an intransigeant Breton Resistance fighter, who will immolate the seductress--too late, however, for her son's mission to succeed.


Dramatic comedy

Translated TitleThe Lovers' Wood
Original PublicationLe bois des amants
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