La Chatte Sort Ses Griffes

TitleLa Chatte Sort Ses Griffes
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1960
AuthorsDecoin, Henri
Running Time1h 42min
Date Released03/09/1960
Publication LanguageFrench

In this sequel to the beloved Chatte (1958), Cora Mennessier (also known as "Chatte") is not dead. Condemned to be shot for being a traitor to the French Resistance, she has survived her execution by "Le Capitaine". Unfortunately, she is immediately captured by the German forces, imprisoned and brainwashed. Her "mission" is now to contact the leader of the local Resistance movement and to gather information before handing it over to her manipulators. But have they really managed to make her a puppet on a string?

Translated TitleThe Cat Shows Her Claws
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