Captaine Conan

TitleCaptaine Conan
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsTavernier, Bertrand
Running Time130 min
Date Released10/16/1996
DistributorBAC Films
Publication LanguageFrench

Based on the acclaimed novel by Roger Vercel, this film explores ideas of civilization and humanity during and after World War I. Even though World War I is over, French troops are still fighting on the Bulgarian border. There, a band of ferocious soldiers are led by Capt. Conan, a battle-hardened veteran who's both a nuisance to his superiors and a hero to his men. But when the rogue commander leads his men on unauthorized raids against civilians, his soldiers are targeted for investigation by Lt. Norbert, a by-the-book officer who is also Conan's best friend.

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