Discourses Surrounding British Widows of the First World War

TitleDiscourses Surrounding British Widows of the First World War
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSmith, Angela K.
Number of Pages214

This book investigates the way in which British widows of servicemen who died in the First World War were represented in society and explores the intertwining discourses of social welfare, national identity, and morality that can be identified in these texts. Focusing on two widows, the book encourages their individual stories to emerge and gives a voice to an otherwise forgotten group of women whose stories have been lost under the literary tomes of middle-class writers such as Vera Brittain and May Wedderburn Cannon. The discussion is further informed by a wider reading of 300 other such files, which allows wider observations to be made about the nature of the discourses examined, and offers the most complete possible picture for such data.

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