Mary Silliman's War

TitleMary Silliman's War
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsSurjik, Stephen
Running Time92 minutes
Date Released05/1994
DistributorHeritage Films
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageenglish

In this historically accurate social history, a New England woman experiences the American Revolution as a series of civil wars that divided her local community and household. Mary Silliman sees the war as an intensely local matter while her husband, an attorney, views the war within the macro-politics of an anti-colonial struggle. The film's depiction of gender roles, women's public and private lives, religious faith, and daily life in colonial American make it an exceptional teaching tool to counter dominant narratives of the Revolution. 


Nancy Palk

Richard Donat

Diane D'Aquila

Paul Boretski

Joanne Miller

William Colgate

Tom McCamus

Linda Busby

Ellis Williams

Allan Royal


Produced by Steven Schechter and Barry Cowling

Directed by Stephen Surjik

Written by Steven Schecter & Louisa Burns-Bisogno

Cinematography by Alar Kivilo

Edited by Joanne D'Antonio and Alan L. Shefland

Music by John Welsman


Drama, War

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See Sarah F. McMahon's reivew in the April 1995 issue of Perspectives for a deeper discussion of the film's authenticity and themes:

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