Lakposhtha parvaz mikonand / Turtles Can Fly

TitleLakposhtha parvaz mikonand / Turtles Can Fly
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGhobadi, Bahman
Running Time97 min.
Date Released09/2004
DistributorIFC Films
CountryIran, France, Iraq
Publication LanguageKurdish

In a Kurdish refugee camp on the eve of the War in Iraq, a boy's ambitions and joys contrast sharply with the horrors around him. A young boy's adventures in scavenging is better than some work in clearing land mines, leaving some disfigured and others emboldened. Their camp remains impoverished and neglected, but they await word of an American invasion.

Original Publicationکیسەڵەکانیش دەفڕن‎
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