Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic and Intra-American slave trade databases

TitleVoyages: The Trans-Atlantic and Intra-American slave trade databases
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2009
Secondary AuthorsEltis, David, Paul Lachance, Manuel Barcia Paz, Steve Behrendt, Manolo Florentino, Antonio Mendes, David Richardson, and Jelmer Vos
Corporate AuthorsEmory University
Place PublishedAtlanta, GA

Building on the work of scholars that has accumulated since the 1960s, Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic and Intra-American slave trade databases draw on multiple sources of information about individual slave-trade voyages to provide databases searchable with criteria such as point of origin, destinations, dates, and more. Beginning from a foundation of data culled from libraries, newspapers, archives, and other contemporary sources on British voyages, the team that developed Voyages, led by Emory University historian David Eltis, amassed information on Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and other nations’ trade in captive people from Africa –some 34,948 in all –as of 2010. The project’s leaders believe that their dataset encompasses more than 95 percent of all British voyages, as well as high percentages from those of French and Dutch ships, overall encompassing some 80 percent of the whole and a high percentage of the estimated 12.5 million captives taken from Africa. (The estimate itself is possible in part due to the work of this project.) Information is both viewable and downloadable.

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