Generation Kill

TitleGeneration Kill
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsWhite, Susanna, and Simon Cellan Jones
Running Time470 min
Date Released07/2008
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageenglish

Based on journalist Evan Wright's award winning book, this HBO miniseries explores U.S. invasion of Iraq from the perspective of the U.S. Marines Corps 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. By following the battalion in their three-week trek from northern Kuwait to Baghdad, Generation Kill conveys the speed and confusion of the invasion. Often undersupplied and ordered to keep moving, the Marines begin to question their purpose when they confront problems they are ill-equipped to address and realize that they inadvertently caused. 


Alexander Skarsgård

James Ransone

Lee Tergesen

Jon Huertas

Stark Sands

Billy Lush


Produced by Andrea Calderwood

Directed by Susanna White and Simon Cellan Jones

Written by David Simon, Ed Burns, and Evan Wright

Cinematography by Ivan Strasburg

Edited by Jason Krasucki and Oral Norrie Ottey


War, Drama

Full Text

Ep. 1: Get Some

Ep. 2: The Cradle of Civilization

Ep. 3: Screwby

Ep. 4: Combat Jack

Ep. 5: A Burning Dog

Ep. 6: Stay Frosty

Ep. 7: Bomb in the Garden

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