Osteuropa in den Revolutionen von 1848

TitleOsteuropa in den Revolutionen von 1848
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLambrecht, Lars
Number of Pages242
CityFrankfurt am Main

Research on Eastern Europe in the revolutions of 1848 deserves increased attention to complement the comparatively well-researched Western European events of the era. This volume brings together interdisciplinary philosophical, historical, and literary contributions on aspects and problems of West-East relations as a result of the 48 revolutionary waves that reached into Eastern Europe. The focus is not only on the modernization or westernization of Eastern Europe, but also on the interactions between political and literary relations with the East and the reception of Hegelian philosophy by Eastern European intellectuals. The significance of women in political relations is treated as an example. A special focus in the question of the image of the 'Eastern' or 'Oriental' is the emancipation of the Jews as well as anti-Semitism among the Young Hegelians and in politics.

Translated TitleEastern Europe in the Revolutions of 1848
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