Human Rights and Women's Rights: The United Nations Approach

TitleHuman Rights and Women's Rights: The United Nations Approach
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsReanda, Leanne
JournalHuman Rights Quarterly
Start Page11
Date Published05/1981

The principle of equal rights for men and women is one of the basic tenets of the United Nations Charter. In fact, the charter was the first international treaty to spell out the principle of equality in specific terms. In addition to the reaffirmation of faith in equal rights contained in the preamble, the charter lists, among the purposes and principles of the United Nations which member states pledge to observe, "promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction" as to, among other characteristics, sex. The goal of achieving equality between the sexes is reiterated in several other charter provisions. It is therefore puzzling to many that the main international organs established for the promotion and protection of human rights, such as the Human Rights Committee, the Commission on Human Rights, subsidiary organs, and other organs set up by the Economic and Social Council under various procedures, do not appear to deal specifically with violations of the human rights of women, except in a marginal way or within the framework of other human rights issues. In effect, debate on the rights of women in the United Nations takes place largely outside of the frame of reference of existing human rights organs.

Short TitleHuman Rights and Women's Rights
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