Masculinity, Gender and the ‘New Wars'

TitleMasculinity, Gender and the ‘New Wars'
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsParpart, Jane L.
JournalNORMA - Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies

The failures of the anticipated peace dividend in the post–Cold War world inspired a search for causes of the expanding conflicts in Africa and elsewhere. The answers have been sought for the most part in the greed and grievances that have emerged in our increasingly unequal and competitive global economy. Gender has largely been ignored. This article argues that gendered practices, particularly the search for masculine pride in an increasingly conflictual world, are key to understanding the way recent conflicts have played out. The article also highlights the gendered character of continuing violence in post-conflict African societies and argues for a gendered analysis of conflict if social justice is to be achieved.

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