Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust

TitleDifferent Voices: Women and the Holocaust
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsRittner, Carol, and John K. Roth
Number of Pages435
PublisherParagon House
CityNew York

This edited volume on Jewish women during the Holocaust was one of the first that systematically examines the subject. It is a powerful commemoration of the sufferings and of the courage of theses women. The book examines of women's experiences of the Holocaust by combining 28 contributions to scholarly research with powerful testimonies of survivors, and the eloquent reflections of writers, theologians, and philosophers. Part One, "Voices of Experience," recounts the painful and poignant stories of survivors. Part Two, "Voices of Interpretation," offers the new insights of women scholars of the Holocaust, including evidence that the Nazis specifically preyed on women as the propagators of the Jewish race. Part Three, "Voices of Reflection," women artists and intellectuals contemplate the Holocaust.

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