Erinnerungsbilder: Auschwitz-Prozess und Majdanek-Prozess im Westdeutschen Fernsehen

TitleErinnerungsbilder: Auschwitz-Prozess und Majdanek-Prozess im Westdeutschen Fernsehen
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsHorn, Sabine
Number of Pages299

The central importance of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial (1963-1965) has been emphasized in previous research, because it brought the mass murders to the attention of the general public. The Düsseldorf Majdanek Trial (1975-1981), the last major “complex trial” and the most extensive court case in the Federal Republic of Germany, is less known and researched. The monograph is particularly interested in the two processes as examples of the change in the culture of remembrance. It is breaking new ground in two respects. First, it studies the so far hardly explored culture of remembrance of the 1970s, after previous source-based studies either ended in earlier decades or only began in the 1980s. Second, the study is groundbreaking because it analyzes contemporary television reports on the events and thus draws on a source that has so far hardly been taken into account in contemporary history research, which in future would actually have to be evaluated for every research topic for the period since the 1960s.

Translated TitleMemory Images: Auschwitz Trial and Majdanek Trial on West German Television
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