Frieden—Gewalt—Geschlecht: Friedens- und Konfliktforschung als Geschlechterforschung

TitleFrieden—Gewalt—Geschlecht: Friedens- und Konfliktforschung als Geschlechterforschung
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDavy, Jennifer, Karen Hagemann, and Ute Kätzel
Number of Pages406

Peace—Violence—Gender: Peace and Conflict Research As Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary collection of sixteen essays on a range of topics related to these themes, including peace movements, pacifism, activism, masculinity and feminity. Since the early 1990s, research by gender scholars on war and the military in the historical and social sciences has increased significantly. Parallel to the boom in the research of a gendered history of military and war, interest in peace and conflict research has waned. This has led to an overall imbalance in the field, not only because questions of war and peace are intricately intertwined and belletristic and pacifist discourses are often related to each other, but also because peace movements and peace research, especially the important problems of demilitarization and „Peacekeeping“ and their gender political dimensions, have been given too little attention. The goal of this volume is to initiate new impulses to the research in the field of peace and conflict studies and initiate a more systematic gendering of this research. New methods and results of peace and conflict research from a historical and social scientist perspective are therefore introduced in the book.

Translated TitlePeace—Violence—Gender: Peace and Conflict Research As Gender Studies
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