Frauen in der Résistance 1940-1944: "Der Kampf gegen die 'Boches' hat begonnen!"

TitleFrauen in der Résistance 1940-1944: "Der Kampf gegen die 'Boches' hat begonnen!"
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsList, Corinna von
Number of Pages312
PublisherVerlag Ferdinand Schöningh

Humanitarian or religiously based compassion that manifested itself in deeds could fall under "activities that endanger the state," aiding escape was "favoring the enemy," and fighting with the word was "treason." This was how the German and French repressive apparatuses viewed women's activities in the Résistance. This book demonstrates the areas of women's involvement and their key role in the resistance. It draws on a wealth of previously unexplored sources in France and Germany and also explores the question of what motivations women had for their involvement in the Résistance. It also makes clear the high risks to life and limb they took in the process.

Translated TitleWomen in the Resistance 1940-1944: "The fight against the 'Boches' has begun!"
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