Fifty Dead Men Walking

TitleFifty Dead Men Walking
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSkogland, Kari
Running Time117 minutes
Date Released04/2009
DistributorMetrodome Distribution
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication Languageenglish

Based on the memoir by Martin McGartland, a young Irish man spies on the Irish Republican Army for the British during the last few years of the Troubles. In 1988, McGartland agrees to work for the British police because of the compensation and his abhorrence for IRA violence. After the IRA discovers who he is, McGartland escapes to Canada. 


Jim Sturgess

Kevin Zegers

Rose McGowan

Ben Kingsley


Produced by Kari Skogland, Stephen Hegyes, Peter La Terriere, and Shawn Williamson

Directed and Written by Kari Skogland

Cinematography by Jonathan Freeman

Edited by Jim Munro

Music by Ben Mink


War, Drama

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