The Outsider

TitleThe Outsider
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsLuraschi, Tony
Running Time128 min
Date Released11/1979
DistributorParamount Pictures and Cinema International Corporation
CountryUnited States and United Kingdom
Publication Languageeng

An Irish-American joins the Irish Republican Army during the Troubles. Disillusioned by his nation's apathy toward war and revolution, Vietnam veteran Michael Flaherty leaves Detroit for Belfast. Initially inspired by his Irish brothers, Flaherty awakens to violence, terror, and horror of war and realizes how he serves a political propaganda purpose for theĀ IRA.


Craig Wasson

Sterling Hayden

Patricia Quinn

Niall O'Brien


Directed and written by Tony Luraschi

Produced by Philippe Modave

Music by Ken Thorne


Drama, Thriller

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