Hitler's Airwaves: The Inside Story of Nazi Radio Broadcasting and Propaganda Swing

TitleHitler's Airwaves: The Inside Story of Nazi Radio Broadcasting and Propaganda Swing
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsBergmeier, Horst J. P., and Rainer E. Lotz
Number of Pages382
PublisherYale University Press
CityNew Haven, CT

Hitler's Airwaves sets Goebbels' propaganda orchestra, a swing band fronted by the crooner, Karl Schwedler, within the context of the Reich Ministry for Propaganda. The first book-length study of the full extent of the Nazi propaganda effort, it draws on a vast array of newly-available material. Bergmeier and Lotz explore the origins of subversive radio broadcasting, describe the establishment of Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry and the rapid growth of its foreign-language broadcasting division, and provide the most detailed anatomy we have of its organisation, operation and personnel. They examine the workings of the so-called 'Secret Stations', ostensibly run by opposition groups broadcasting from inside target countries, but actually located in the Berlin Olympic stadium. And they reveal the ingenious scam of Radio Arnhem which, for several months in 1944-45, the Germans passed off a genuine Allied forces programme.

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