Was haben Gefühle in der Geschichte zu suchen?

TitleWas haben Gefühle in der Geschichte zu suchen?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsFrevert, Ute
JournalGeschichte und Gesellschaft
Date Published11/2009

Do emotions correlate with history in any way? How is our view of history affected when we take emotions into consideration? Do emotions remain unaltered throughout history? In order to understand the history of social structures, how people form societies, develop common aims and/or turn against each other, one has to examine the role of emotions. Feelings such as fear, empathy, pride and solidarity can determine the outcome of social processes, motivating particular actions, or stopping others from taking place. At the same time emotions change throughout history in terms of how they are expressed and valued. Even if their biological pattern remains steady, how they are activated depends on particular perceptions and interpretations. [Author]

Translated TitleWhat do Feelings Have to do With History?
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