Ice Station Zebra

TitleIce Station Zebra
Publication TypeFilm
Year of Publication1968
AuthorsSturges, John
Running Time148 minutes
Date Released10/1968
CountryUnited States
Publication Languageenglish

With rough parallels to incidents in the late 1950s, this Cold War thriller pits the United States and the Soviet Union in a hunt for sophisticated military technology in the Arctic. The U.S.S. Tigerfish races to the Arctic to retrieve a satellite capsule and rescue stranded British civilians at a floating weather station. Saboteurs and spies as well as a standoff with the Soviets threaten the mission.  


Rock Hudson

Ernest Borgnine

Patrick McGoohan

Jim Brown

Tony Bill


Produced by Martin Ransohoff

Directed by John Sturges

Written by Douglas Heyes, with story by Harry Julian Fink

Cinematography by Daniel I. Fapp

Edited by Ferris Webster

Music by Michel Legrand


Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Translated TitleEisstation Zebra
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