Hommes et masculinités de 1789 à nos jours: Contributions à l'histoire du genre et de la sexualité en France

TitleHommes et masculinités de 1789 à nos jours: Contributions à l'histoire du genre et de la sexualité en France
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRevenin, Régis
Series EditorCorbin, Alain
Number of Pages293

Paradoxically, men are not a new object of study, since the entire history of humanity has until very recently been written in the masculine. But this book is about sexual, and not universal, man, whose masculinity, far from being natural, is socially and historically defined from 1789 to the present day. It is the history of women, the history of sexuality, and more recently the research of gay and lesbian studies, that has permitted the emergence of a history of men and masculinities, a history that is decidedly plural, insofar as masculinity does not come from a vacuum; it is not 'natural,' no more than femininity, both of them variable according to the period and the geographic region, as well as sensitive to differences of class, sexual orientation, race and religion. [...] The result of a conference held in September 2006 in Paris, this collective publication is an original project, largely exploratory. Through diverse and varied communication, young researchers (historians, but also literary and political scholars), explore the problematics of gender and sexuality through precise case studies and specific contexts. The book proceeds as a gallery of portraits, collecting periods and social universes: the impotent Romantic man, the black boxer of the 1920s, the café waiter of the 1880s who dared to wear moustaches, the gay world in Bell Époque Paris, to the young men of the French suburbs from the 1990s to the present day. All of these are figures of men whose virility was questionable according to the standards of masculine representation, all confronted by the construction of their social and sexual identity as men. [Translated from presentation on Cairn.info.]

Translated TitleMen and Masculinities from 1789 to the Present: Contributions to the History of Gender and Sexuality in France
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