L'identité masculine à l'ombre des femmes: de la Grande Guerre à la Gay pride

TitleL'identité masculine à l'ombre des femmes: de la Grande Guerre à la Gay pride
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsRauch, André

Male domination was shaken from its foundation in the 20th century. Today, at home as at work, roles are no longer defined by virtue of sex – a biological indicator – but according to a social criterion: gender, male or female. If equality between the sexes now seems an established fact, this phenomenon is recent. In 1914, women were called to replace three and a half million war-mobilized men in the fields, in the factories, and at home, but their status did not start to change until after the Second World War: freed from domestic constraints by technological progress, integrated into economic life, they became citizens in totality and freed themselves from the supervision of their fathers and husbands. But barely built, these new identities faltered: the demands of homosexuals to assert their right to marriage and parenthood raised again the question of identity and relationships. André Rauch lends an attentive and sensible eye to a century marked by the upending of relations between the sexes, which forced men to rethink themselves in the shadow of women. [translated and modified from Amazon]

Translated TitleMasculine Identity in the Shadow of Women: from the Great War to Gay Pride
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